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Specialised Technical Services (STS) provides CAD/CAM Solutions, Training and Support to mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing business in Australia and New Zealand.

3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Solution:


KeyCreator 15.5 (2018) was released on 1 April 2018.
KeyCreator is an advanced Solid/ Surface modeling solution that provides mechanical design professionals with the tools they need for today's complex design challenges.

KeyCreatorKeyCreator integrates three powerful components: a core architecture of Pure Geometry™, a flexible Hybrid entity/assembly management system, and a complete set of mechanical detailing functions that insure dimension accuracy. KeyCreator gives the user the ability to easily import, edit or construct 3D models and manufacturing drawings as "Pure Geometry". Whether you need to design tooling, fixtures, molds, dies, or complex machines, KeyCreator will help you to get your products manufactured faster.
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Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Solution:

NCG CAM is a powerful 3D CAM product that generates optimum roughing and finishing CNC toolpaths from complex Solids & Surface generated by all major 3D modelling systems.
With demands for ever-shorter lead times and improved quality, High Speed Machining (HSM) is becoming more widely adopted in many mould, tool and die shops. NCG CAM is the ideal choice for shop-floor-programmers wishing to machine hard materials at higher speeds and feeds.

NCG CAM has fast become the technology leader in this area with many unique machining strategies for generating world-class CNC programs.

At the same time, many of these strategies can improve the productivity of older CNC machines with dramatically reduced air cutting time and programmes with on surface smoothing arcs help to maintain continuous in contact machining motion.
Installed in a CAD/CAM office or on the shop-floor, NCG CAM can help take your machining capabilities to new levels of productivity with ease.
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